Via G. de Vecchi Pieralice 34-36
Roma, Italia
Tel. 06/631855
(Per urgenze: 339-2768290)
Orario di apertura 19.30 / 23.00



Il ristorante sara' aperto per tutta l'estate con orario ridotto.

Il personale andra' a turno in ferie e gli altri garantiranno il servizio, ma con una chiusura anticipata della cucina.

L'ultima prenotazione sara' presa alle 21.30.



Our Restaurant

We have created two contrasting ambiences. Upstairs is themed upon a Maya Temple, while downstairs you'll find yourself in the Caribbean.

Serving from 7:30pm to 11:00pm, we welcome booking and parties.

In addition to classical Mexican cuisine (enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas), well known all over the world, you'll enjoy recipes dating back to Maya and Aztecan times, thanks to the research of writings predating Columbus. Ancient dishes include tamales (steamed corn rolls filled with cheese and meat) and albondigas (meatballs dressed with cactus leaves). All dishes come with tortillas and black bean cream.
For added authenticity we have Adelaide, a lady from Mexico City working in our kitchen, an expert in the homemade "grandmother cooking". You'll absolutely have to try the classic corn handmade tortilla, filled with very special spices.
All the best tequilas are available as well as an excellent rum collection.

Dates for your diary

We have special menu's at the following times:

6th Jan: Feast of The Epifany
2th Feb: Feast of Candelora
14th Feb: Valentine's Day
Mar-Apr: Easter
16th Sept: Feast of Mexican Indipendence
12th Dec: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron saint of Mexico
December: Christmas Time

“The fiesta is an opportunity in which people whose
relations are very courteous and formal get drunk together,
confide in each other, cry together, laugh together and
discover to be brothers”.

Octavio Paz (mexican writer)

Good Food

Our success is the result of our authentic Mexican recipes, about which we are a little secretive.

We can disclose that mais, beans, chilli, meat and cheese are the main ingredients. On Fridays we also serve fish dishes.

Our extensive range of desserts are mainly based upon mais, fruit and cocoa - which was discovered in Mexico. Talking about dessert, do you know that we have a hot chocolate Maya one? You must try!

We don't forget our vegetarian customers and those without a liking for hot food, for whom we cater for with original and tasty dishes.

We won't leave you in the dark about what you're eating: we'll explain all about the spices inside the dishes, how they are prepared and how best to eat them.

Qué aprovechen

“We don't know anyone who could seduce offering
something to eat, but we know a long list of people
who seduced explaining what they were going to eat”

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Our Story

Being a frequent traveller, I visited Mexico in 1989 with just a rucksack and sleeping bag. I would spend the nights with families, going from one town to another, cooking Italian cuisine, in return for their hospitality. They cooked for me their poor dishes: was love at first taste! "I needed the old fashioned, grandmother cooking.
Then Adelaide arrived, direct from Mexico City"

Quick Details

hours 7:30pm-11pm
open 7 days a week
prices €18-25
no. seats 45 (all inside)
credit cards Visa & Mastercard
vegetarian yes
celiac yes
metro Valle Aurelia (A)
buses 490 994
parking convenient