Provate un nuovo modo di mangiare messicano...NEL NOSTRO NUOVO LOCALE!!!

approfittate dell'estate per assaggiare la cucina di strada messicana...

Lo street-food messicano che vi creera' dipendenza!!!

A trova proprio accanto al Pueblo...


Our Restaurant

We have created two contrasting ambiences. Upstairs is themed upon a Maya Temple, while downstairs you'll find yourself in the Caribbean.


Good Food

Our success is the result of our authentic Mexican recipes, about which we are a little secretive.


Our Story

Being a frequent traveller, I visited Mexico in 1989 with just a rucksack and sleeping bag. I would spend the nights with families, going from one town to another, cooking Italian cuisine, in return for their hospitality. They cooked for me their poor dishes: was love at first taste! "I needed the old fashioned, grandmother cooking.
Then Adelaide arrived, direct from Mexico City"


Quick Details

hours 7:30pm-11pm
open 7 days a week
prices €18-25
no. seats 45 (all inside)
credit cards Visa & Mastercard
vegetarian yes
celiac yes
metro Valle Aurelia (A)
buses 490 994
parking convenient